Friday, September 28, 2018

Whew, What a (First) Week

Well, here we are! It's a Friday, and that means we finished our first week of after school programming. We made a lot of new friends, and our returning students met some new faces as well! 

We wasted no time jumping right in to homework time to make sure our students completed all of their work, and we also had some fun! 

Miss Arielle getting involved with some students. 

On Monday, we spent some time learning names and making sure everyone felt welcome here at ALEC. 

On Tuesday, we did some activities to brighten things up around the center! We made cards for Miss Maggie and her baby, wrote biographies about the students, and took pictures of everyone to hang up on our walls, so that everyone feels like a part of the team here.

All of these students let their personalities show in these pictures.

We learned that worms can be cool!
On Wednesday, students were able to pick between making art with Ms. Christa and gardening outside with Ms. Alex. This was a way to practice picking an activity to stay with for a 5-week period, like we will when programming with Venture Outdoors and the YMCA starts, and an opportunity for students to have choice in their day. 

On Thursday, we learned about Oobleck with Ms. Christa, and she discussed viscosity and physics (some really cool stuff). We then made sure everyone finished all of their homework for the week, and then went into free time! This allows the students have some time to decompress and choose their activity for an hour.

We had a great first week, and we can't wait to see what next week has in store for us! We're very excited to start working with all of our outside partners.

See y'all on Monday!



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