Saturday, October 6, 2018

All About the Dudes

Some of our dudes... just being dudes!
Hi there! Ms. Arielle here. I wanted to jump in and share with you all one of my favorite moments of this week: Dude Time!

This week, we had our first round of Dude Time. Dude Time is an hour of the week dedicated to
providing our boys an opportunity come together and unwind.

As someone who is trained as a teacher and used to working in classrooms, I have been getting a bit of the teaching bug while watching all of our amazing outside partners and AmeriCorps teachers facilitate lessons with our kids. While I am so fortunate for all of the work that our teachers put in (shout out to Mr. Ryan, Ms. Kelly, and Ms. Emily from Venture Outdoors, Ms. Julia from the YMCA, our mentors at Strong Women Strong Girls, and of course Ms. Alex and Ms. Christa,) I sure have been itching to teach a lesson or two! I took the opportunity to lead Dude Time this week, and it ended up being even more rewarding than I expected.

This unit, Dude Time will focus on super heroes. It turns out that behind those cool suits and neat
powers, super heroes have a lot of life lessons to share with us. This week, we honed in on the fact that even super heroes have weaknesses. Yes, you read that right, super heroes have weaknesses too! As part of the lesson, our boys defined weakness and discussed different weaknesses that super heroes have. We then transitioned into discussing that if super heroes can have weaknesses, it’s probably okay for humans, adults, and young boys to have weaknesses too! Our next step in the discussion was to identify our own weaknesses. My question to the boys was, “What are some weaknesses that you, or just general people in society have?”

One of the things I love about our Brashear Kids is how silly and playful they are. With that being said, I was fully prepared for some goofy answers to this question. I was not at all prepared for what would happen next. Right away, the boys dived below surface level and revealed some of the biggest
weaknesses that they currently battle with. From struggling with asthma, ADHD, and anxiety, to being fearful of getting hurt or falling behind in school, our boys put on their brave faces to discuss their weaknesses with each other.

I’ve always known that all kids are pretty special, but it was right at that moment that I felt truly inspired by our dudes. I have no doubt that they’re going to turn into spectacular young men, and I cannot wait to watch them unfold throughout the year.

And with that, I am done raving about how proud I am of our kids……….. for now. I’m going to pass the mic back to Ms. Alex and Ms. Christa!

Until next time,
Ms. Arielle


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