Tuesday, September 25, 2018

One Down, Many More to Go and We are Excited!

Yesterday was our ALEC After School Program kick off for the 2018-2019 school year. We have a ton of new faces and also a good amount of familiar faces. We are very happy to have so many new members added to our Brashear Kids Family!

ALEC B.C. (Before Children)
We eagerly prepped and anticipated for our introductory day. Our windows are painted, signs are hung, tables and chairs ready, we just need our Brashear Kids! The traditional walk up the hill to Grandview Elementary seemed to be short as we walked so briskly to meet our new and familiar students.

Not only did we have some returning familiar faces, we also had a lot of familiar tutors from Duquesne which was a lovely surprise. Last year, along with the AmeriCorps teachers and Brashear staff, we were able to achieve a great increase in homework completion, social kills, and of course, grades! We have full faith that we can achieve a similar goal, if not better. 

Miss Arielle is doing a more than awesome job as our new Youth Services Coordinator. She's off to a great start familiarizing herself with the youth as well as the neighborhood and what Allentown, as well as the rest of South Pittsburgh, has to offer. She has some great ideas for the center and with the creativity of our entire ALEC team things are looking pretty exciting.

Miss Alex, our new AmeriCorps teacher, wasn't shy about jumping in and getting our students off on the right foot to completing their homework assignments. We are so lucky to have her on our team. Special Shout Out to Miss Dianna (even though she may not have seen me take her picture) for her continued dedication to ALEC and being a great resource to our team as well as other staff members and the students. 

This After School year is full of changes, new faces, ideas and many other things. ALEC is still ALEC, its purpose is still the same: To serve youth in families in all of the South Pittsburgh area by providing a safe, nurturing, healthy, educational, and fun space where our students feel welcomed, accepted, and experience the opportunity to grow. We are lucky to be in the position to help foster opportunities for our youth and we thank each and every family for trusting us to do so. We couldn't do it with out you. 

Cheers to a new year and new pathways! 

The ALEC Team


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