Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saturdays at Brashear

As you guys all know we love trying new experiments at ALEC, so we decided to do something new with oil and water and we D.I.Y Lava Lamps

In this experiment, we found everything we needed right here at our center. So I bet you can find what you'll need right around your house hold! Even baby oil works great!

 At first, we did the experiment together. The children help me gather all the materials we needed. After that, they help me read off the directions to get the experiment started. The children hypothesized that it will explode, it will smell , or that it will glow. They did such a great job at reading and taking turns.  See how it turned out.

 Once we did it all together, the children branched off on their own and got to try it out for themselves. The mixed colors to their liking. Some got purple, green and even brown! 

Lamar and Jamir being scientist!

Overall, the children learned that oil and water does not mix because the Oil has a lower density than water. The tablet releases bubbles of carbon dioxide gas that rises to the top and takes the colored along for the ride. The pictures does not do the experiment justice.. so try this experiment on your own so you can see the lava lamp for yourself. It's awesome and fun to do! 
Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Saturday Blogs from ALEC.

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