Tuesday, June 13, 2017

DIY Play dough!

We love science experiments here at the Allentown Learning and Engagement Center!  Especially ones we can add color to and discover which ingredients work best.  

During this Saturday session we made DIY play dough!  We chose this experiment because the students loved slime, so this was a cool variation of an experiment to take home.  Check out our ingredients below:

The great thing about this experiment is the ingredients can usually be found right at home.  Be sure to pick a conditioner you think smells good!  We picked a VO5 kiwi scent.  

The students helped me measure out the corn starch and conditioner.   They are always eager to help out their teachers!  We decided to use gloves so as to not get the ingredients under our fingernails.  Be careful while mixing; powder from the corn starch tends to fly around.  When it came to color, the girls collaborated and chose to mix red and blue to get purple.

Nya and Jalainta mixed it up!

The mixture was a little too sticky, so we added different portions of corn starch and conditioner.  We needed more food coloring than we thought; about 15 drops of each color, and even then it was hard to turn it purple!  This was probably due to the light green hue of the conditioner.  Our conclusion was that the conditioner probably helped to make the play dough less sticky.

After we finished, Jalainta helped me place it into plastic bags for everyone to take home.  Success!

Thanks for tuning in to my last Saturday session here at the Allentown Learning and Engagement Center.  Stay tuned for fun summer blogs.

Play More!
- Ms. Anna

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