Thursday, June 8, 2017

Let Me Introduce Myself: Moisha

"Remember to ALWAYS look forward..."

Name: Moisha....Everyone can call me MO!

Age: 20

School: Carlow University

Major: Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice

Enjoys: Eating, Writing, Spending time with loved ones.

If you can describe yourself in one word, what would it be?: Resilient

In one sentence, how would you describe Pittsburgh?: Pittsburgh is a diverse city that is great for beginning your life and finding out who you are.

Who is your idol?: Beyonce, of course!

Cats or Dogs?: Dogs, but I would rather have an Elephant!

Vanilla or Chocolate ice cream: Vanilla...with peanuts, and fudge, and whip cream.

Something I'm proud of: I was nominated and won Drum Major in my high school band. #GoBulldogs

How would you liked to be remembered?: I would want everyone to remember me as someone who fought against all the odds and won.

Thank you for reading. Being apart of The Brashear Association will be an impact on my life thanks to the lives of the youth. I hope I will be a positive impact on the members as well. Growing up, I lived in the neighborhood, and it feels good to give back to my community.

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