Thursday, June 29, 2017

Anna & Alyce's Farewell

Hello, all! Anna and Alyce here.  Welcome to our final blog post.  This past year has been a whirlwind of growth, teaching moments, connections and more. It is with deep gratitude and appreciation that we bid The Brashear Association, ALEC, and our faithful blog followers farewell.

We feel especially privileged to see the beginnings of transitions around here, with our wonderful new Summer KEYS Service Corps AmeriCorps member aiding us in the beginning of summer camps. You can get to know her better here- Let Me Introduce Myself- Moisha.

Our proudest moment from the end of this school year was the Grandview Elementary 5th grade graduation, during which we got to celebrate all the leaps and bounds our many talented and amazing youth accomplished during their elementary school careers! We just know they will continue to do great things in middle school and beyond.

We spent a bit of time without the kids after our after school program ended for the season, before we started our first week of Art Camp- cleaning and reorganizing the center. This also marked the arrival of our new fish friend, Future! We were very eager to have the kids back, as it just got too quiet around here.

For the beginning of our summer camps, students explored their creative sides by creating a cumulative zine showcasing the power of their voices. Students learned about composition, story-writing, various drawing exercises and more. They were so excited to distribute the final product to our community members.  Check out the first week of art camp pictures below:

Ms. Anna was able to stick around for the 2nd week of art camp, which was spent sculpting and learning about photojournalism with Public Source (a friendly Allentown neighbor) to create a striking photo essay.  This project, among various others created these past two weeks, will be on display at the Brashear Kids art show, held this Friday June 30th, 5-7 pm at The Black Unicorn Project  (732 E Warrington Avenue).

It is difficult to truly encapsulate this life-altering year in one blog post, but we want to extend our deepest appreciation to you, our supervisors, our community members and partners for your endless support.  Most of all, thank you to the children who we were lucky enough to serve. You have taught us more than we could possibly imagine; these lessons will not soon be forgotten.

Watch our end-of-year compilation video below:

Thanks for a great year!

- Alyce & Anna
2016-2017 KEYS AmeriCorps Members

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