Monday, July 10, 2017

Presenting the 2017 Art Camp Gallery Show!

On June 19, the Brashear Kids started Art camp, and from there, they explored the wonders of Art. From making their very own zines, to wire sculptures, clay sculptures, and last but not least, a photo essay. The children put their all into their work. On June 30, we showcased their art work at The Black Unicorn Project. We welcomed family and friends along with everyone in the community. 

Throughout the day, friends and family dropped by to see what The Brashear Kids have created. Everyone showed amazing support and loved the work that was displayed. 

Check out Legasea standing in front of her photos from the photo safari. Her photo theme was "ART." She is also holding her sculpture of the superhero she created. 

Although displaying art was our main focus Ms. Anna couldn't help but to pull out a book.

Don't worry, we couldn't forget the refreshments! Fruit and vegetables for everyone.
Can we say delicious?

Thank you friends and family for coming out and supporting The Brashear Kids. We had so much fun laughing and dancing with each other. Not only that, but showcasing our fantastic art work!  

Hey Brashear family, stay tuned for more blogs and updates at ALEC. Tech camp is up next. 
-Ms. Mo

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