Monday, February 13, 2017

Sensational STEAM Stations with YMCA!

Last week, our lesson with the Hilltop YMCA consisted of 3 stations: LED games, Snap circuit exploration, and a motor activity!  Brashear Kids loved the structure of different stations to let their creativity soar.

Clockwise from left: Keliyah, Nevaeh, ElayJaih, & Jerzie explore the snap circuit.  We loved seeing them stray from the instruction manual to build their own diagrams!

 Edwin shows off his "hypnotizer"- a motor with his own artistic design attached!  Brashear Kids love coloring and drawing.

From left: Zechariah and Azare play operation- gingerbread style; Shane plays LED tic-tac-toe with one of our wonderful tutors!  The students were excited to incorporate LED lights into their games.

Stay tuned for more adventures in STEAM with the Hilltop YMCA!

Full STEAM ahead,

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