Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Let's Get Creative: Black History Month Mural

Hello, blog enthusiasts. This February we are celebrating Black History all month, and implementing this into our civic engagement lessons! This week we decided to create a mural featuring pertinent historical and contemporary figures who have made a difference through culture, politics, science and more! 

Some of these figures include:

Booker T. Washington


Dr. Mae Jemison

Shirley Chisholm

Sister Rosetta Tharpe 

Langston Hughes

Nelson Mandela

Our boys engaged in this particular lesson read biographies about these varied innovators, cultural leaders, and scientists before choosing one to portray in our mural. Then we got to painting!

Some students felt less confident about their painting and drawing skills, and needed extra instruction before fully integrating themselves into the project. However, all the students put their own touch on this colorful endeavor and by the end we were very pleased with the results! We especially enjoyed how some students took their own approach, like one's abstract rendering of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, and another's transformation of Shirley Chisholm into a giant robot.

We hope you've enjoyed this week's civic lesson, and stay tuned! 

Happy learning,


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