Thursday, January 5, 2017

Student of the Week- 01/03/2017

This week we began our Student of the Week, in an effort to acknowledge the great personalities in our subsequent classrooms. Each week, a new student is featured on the bookshelf in each 2nd-3rd and 4th-5th classroom. 

In addition to being shown appreciation for their hard work, the Student of the Week is responsible for choosing a "featured book", and helping with other classroom activities. 

In our 2nd and 3rd grade classroom, the first young scholar to be chosen for this honor is Mr. C.J.! C.J. has a wonderful presence in our after school program, and is accompanied by his three siblings here. As the youngest of four, he shines by helping clean up everyday and getting excited about reading comic books. 

My name is: C.J.!
I am: 7 years old.
My favorite color is: red & blue
I was born on: August 
I live in: a home
My favorite number is: 100
My favorite animal is: bird
My favorite food is: chicken 
I like to: play a game
When I grow up I want to be a: Teacher!


In the 4th and 5th grade classroom, Davon is our first student of the week!  Davon is a great asset to our classroom and program.  His hard work and helpful attitude never go unnoticed.  We appreciate Davon's introspection and the positive energy he brings to Brashear Kids!

My name is: Davon
I am: 11 years old.
My favorite color is: red, green, & orange
I was born on: November 2nd
I live in: Southside
My favorite number is: 4, 7
My favorite animal is: lion
My favorite food is: apples
I like to: play video games
When I grow up I want to be: someone who owns their own business!

Alyce & Anna

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