Monday, January 9, 2017

Printmaking on a Saturday

Hello blog enthusiasts- hope you are gearing up for the strange weather this week will bring!

Over the weekend, we had the privilege of doing some relief printmaking during our Saturday programming. One of our fifth graders and her younger cousin came down to spend the afternoon learning a new skill.

Image example of student printmaking courtesy of Cassie Stephens 

Printmaking, which Ms. Alyce studied in college, takes many forms- and is a wonderful way to come up with an image that may be reproduced many times. 

Students participating in this lesson learned concepts around mirror image in printing, negative and positive space, transferring a drawing to a plate, and how to print without a printing press! 

 Our student works on her design 

 We use the newsprint and graphite to transfer the design onto the plate 

 Once transferred, the design gets pressed into or carved out of the plate 

We roll the ink onto the plate to prepare it for the final print!  

One of the final prints, ready to dry! Go, ALEC! 

We hope you've enjoyed this lesson, and keep on creating! 


Alyce & Anna 

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