Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Looking forward- 2017

We at Brashear hope you had a wonderful holiday, and wish you a happy New Year! 2017 is now upon us, and as our kids enjoyed their break and time with family, we were busy planning for an exciting new adventure.

Our space at ALEC has so much to offer, which at times can feel overwhelming. In 2016, we were incredibly grateful for the partnerships we could lean on for programming, enriching lessons, and engaging material for our students. Going into this new year, we will still maintain the majority of this programming- but things will look at bit different as we take the lead more in S.T.E.A.M.

In order to meet this goal, we began by meeting the challenge of confronting our supply closet. This was no small feat, as we have so much that has generously been donated and supplied to our center over the years. We needed to familiarize ourselves with all our materials, and organize accordingly! Over the course of three days, we did just that.

See what we've done with the space, below!

 Our new, shiny and organized supply closet! 

Additionally, we have further designed structural tools for positive reinforcement, including a rewards system that will be more visually comprehensible for students, complete with coupons and tokens for being a "classroom helper" and "role model of learning". We will begin instituting a Student of the Week, who will be responsible for choosing our featured books, quotes and more. 

Please stay tuned for these featured young folks, as well as lesson plans that we could not be more excited for! 
Ms. Negrete, Education Coordinator at ALEC, puts the final touches on our black board. 

Some new decor adorning our walls.

We cannot wait to give our kids more reasons to say, AFTER SCHOOL RULES!

Thanks for reading,

Anna & Alyce 

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