Monday, June 27, 2016

Burgh Bees at ALEC!

Last week we got a special visit from Dustin who works with Burgh Bees to talk about how essential bees and why we want to keep them around. The kids learned about bees wax and how bee colonies live and work in the hives. He even brought a hive of his own and there was still some honey in there!

Learning some facts about bees and understanding what they do for us the kids seemed to start to see why we should value them. After grilling Dustin about when and why bees sting some of the kids said they might not be so afraid anymore if they saw bees. He showed them how to work with the hives and let a few of them try on his bee suit and try out the smoker!

For a snack he brought in some honey from his other hives for the kids to try. They dipped a few pretzels in and they absolutely loved it! The kids could not believe it was made by bees and not from the store!

At the end of the day we used our radish and spinach harvest along with some other veggies and nuts. The kids were able to design their own salads and try a lot of new things. We even had some cucumber and lemon water for them to try.

One more week of Eco Camp and we have a lot more to come! Thanks again to Burgh Bees and to Gtech for making this amazing day possible!


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