Thursday, June 23, 2016

ECO Camp Week 1: Healthy Eating, Energy, Gardening and Bees!

 Summer camps are finally here! We are starting off with two weeks of Eco Camp. We are talking all about the environment and how all of us can understand and care for our Earth.

Our first day was focused on healthy eating and other healthy habits. We talked with each of the classes about different types of food like proteins, vegetables, fruit, etc. and the benefits from each. There were some fun sorting games to remember our food groups and why each one is important. Each of the kids were able to come up with their own unique healthy snacks to share with the class you can check out below. We also talked about where our food comes from and and Mr. Steven's class played a game of jeopardy to test their new skills!

For our second day we took a look at renewable energy! We talked about all of the things we do each day that use energy like turning on lights and cooking our food. Many of the kids never really thought where electricity comes from beyond the outlets in our houses. The class learned about fossil fuels and alternative renewable forms of energy and how each impacts the earth. Eco camp is all about sustainability and energy use is a big form of that. My class was able to use our Green Snap Circuit kit to light up bulbs using a fan and a mini solar panel. Mr. Steven's class took a look at their personal impact on the Earth and how they could do their part by creating their carbon footprints by stamping their feet! A lot of the kids had great suggestions like turning off lights and riding bikes instead of riding in the car.

Wednesday was our gardening day and we were able to get to work in our backyard garden. The first group of kids got to harvest our radishes for our snack. They loved digging in the dirt and being first to try the radishes!

Our radishes were a little small, but we had so many and the kids were really proud to bring it all in and show the rest of their classmates.

Next came the preparation! Mrs. Amber showed a few of the kids how to rinse and cut the radishes so they would be ready for our salads. Some of the kids even got to try it our themselves!

We also learned about composting and how we can use every part of a plant to give back to the earth and our gardens. The kids are used to giving us their scraps to compost, but this time they got to dump it themselves in the big bin! It was great to see they were excited to help and not afraid to see the trash or get a little dirty.

While one group harvested the second group planted in all of our new seedlings. They did it all on their own, digging the holes, getting the plants in, and watering them afterward. Through out the summer the kids will be able to watch their plants grow and continue to take care of them.

Thursday we had a great visit from Burgh Bee's that you can hear all about here! We had a ton of fun and learned so many cool facts about how helpful bees are to us!

 It's been a great first few days and the week isn't over yet! The summer is off to a great start!



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