Thursday, May 26, 2016

Gardening with Grandview's Mrs. Airesman

    Brashear Kids recently took a trip to Grandview Elementary to help Mrs. Airesman with her garden, located out in the front of the school.  We had a smaller group than expected, but some unexpected help arrived.

    Mrs. Aireman's sister also helped the students with the garden that day.  She explained what they would be doing, as well as some of the plants and vegetables they would be planting.

    And then, it was time to garden!  Each student had the chance to plant at least one plant in the garden, which involved digging up a hole for the plant, and then transferring it from the milk carton.

    More help arrived from University of Pittsburgh in the form of three of the student's pen pals from the college.  They encouraged the students while planting, and helped with the other activity...

    Terrariums!  The Pitt students helped the youth make their own terrariums using recycled water bottles and small pieces of sponge.  The sponge was put in the area of the cap to help absorb water up into the soil.  Small seeds were planted in the dirt within the bottle as well.

    Each student received their own terrarium to bring home, and they all had a chance to help with the garden.  It was great to be a part of that and to show the students that gardening is great and happens in places other than at ALEC!  Plus, it was a beautiful day!  Thank you to Mrs. Airesman and Grandview for having us up to help!

- Steven

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