Monday, May 23, 2016

Bird House Decorating

Last week we worked with Jamie from Friends of South Side Park to decorate bird houses.

Jamie started off by showing us a map of where their bird houses will be hung at Bandi Schaum Trailhead in South Side Park.  Students were also given a copy of the map to take home. 

They had several questions during the presentation and learned about how the birds will find materials to make nests inside the bird houses we made.

Each student got to show their creativity by hand painting their own premade bird house.  Their designs included everything from stripes to Chinese symbols.

They each put a unique signature on the bottom of their bird house so they can identify their own when they visit the park.

Our Saturday program was able to go orienteering at South Side Park in April.  Now they will be able to go back to find their bird houses.

Thank you to Friends of South Side Park for including us in this project. 


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