Monday, February 22, 2016

Strong Women Strong Girls are Back!

 Strong Women Strong Girls are once again back to ALEC! This semester we have four new mentors coming in each Wednesday. The girls have really taken to them quickly.

They started off by brainstorming some rules as a group and everyone got to have some input. The little artists got to work creating their own fun name tags and sharing their "roses and thorns" for the week.

SWSG always knows how to have fun with the girls, this past week we played limbo and the kids loved it! They were dancing around to some music and falling over trying to stay below the marker stick. 

It's always great to see the way the roles play out when the mentors come. The activities, readings and structure really do empower the girls to speak up and to feel heard. We are all really glad to start up again and I know this semester will be great!


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