Saturday, February 20, 2016

Pottery Club with Manchester Craftsmen's Guild!!

Every Saturday here at ALEC we have our makers clubs where we try to inspire them to create more and to expand their interests. Last Saturday one of our regular volunteers Mrs. Jolie came to teach us how to do pottery. Working with the Manchester Craftsmen's Guild she was apply to bring us clay and a pottery wheel.  A student she works with demonstrated how you use the wheel to shape a lump of clay into a bowl.

The kids were amazed by how quickly it transformed. She taught them the basics about controlling the speed of the wheel and how to put proper pressure on the clay. Once she was finished each kid was able to take a turn and create a pot of their own. They experimented with adding water and switching speeds until they got a feel for it.

We also learned another more simple method of shaping clay, with our hands! The kids all made pinch pots and little tea cups with their clay. It was great to see all the different things we could make all on our own.

We love watching our kids learn new things and the looks on their faces watching the wheel were priceless. Thanks to the Manchester Craftmen's Guild for the supplies! Can't wait to see what else Mrs. Jolie will do!


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