Friday, February 19, 2016

Who are You??

Many artists have different styles of portraying people and their subjects, but the artist them self is a reoccurring theme among all different styles. This week we worked the self portrait. While styles can differ greatly we started with the basics, proportions of the face. We found a great worksheet with sketching tips at the Expressive Monkey blog.
 We started by looking into little mirrors and making different expressions. That way we were able to see how our faces moved. We also took a moment to observe what makes our faces unique to our classmates. Once we got our descriptions down the kids set to work with their sketches using our drawing pencils.

The class was really dedicated in their work, wanting to make sure they got all the details just right. They really turned out pretty great. Once the portraits were finished we got to add a personal touch with a picture frame. The assignment was to create a frame that represented you, with things you like or show who you are. 

The frames added a great pop of color to the art and  made each one unique. We used oil pastels to create really strong and bold colors. It was great to see them explore themselves this way. It was also a ton of fun making our silly faces in the mirror.

Great work from the New Artists this week. They never stop impressing me!


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