Friday, November 13, 2015

Express Yourself!

This week in new artists we learned about expressing our emotions through our art and how to use color as a tool to do that. We looked at a few paintings, like the one above by Van Gogh, and talked about how they made us feel and what role color played in that. Would the painting of sunflowers look happy had they been all blue, or would they have looked sad and lonely? We then took a quick look at our color wheel of emotion.

We talked together about what we thought of the words on the wheel and what we might agree or disagree with. Next we put what we learned to use. On one sheet of paper, split into 4 squares, each student drew one happy, sad, angry, and scared picture. We used facial expression and scenes as well as color to try to display these emotions. 

Some of the kids decided to keep the picture the same and change just a few things which completely altered the mood of the piece. Once the kids got the hang of it we each drew our own larger drawing expressing whichever emotion we wanted and putting our own spin on it.

As you can see the kids really each went very different ways, but all came up with unique drawings that showed a whole lot of emotion.

It was great to see the different interpretations of each mood and to give the kids a chance to figure them out and put it down on paper. Art is a great tool to explore and express emotion and the kids really got into it!


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