Monday, November 30, 2015

Impacting community, and NiNjAs!

Yet another busy Wednesday at ALEC!

    Ms. Sarah and the girls met with the Strong Women Strong Girls mentors from Point Park again.  They talked about how each one of us can contribute to our community to make it better.  

    Afterwards, the girls drew pictures on paper plates showing themselves in their community.

    The boys were treated to a visit from Ms. Laura from the Mt. Washington CLP.  Their time began with Ms. Laura reading several books about ninjas, ranging from pigs who were ninjas, to rabbit ones!  

    After the stories, we had the chance to make our ninja names, as well as our very own ninjas!  Using pipe cleaners, beads, and straws, Ms. Laura showed us how to create these nifty toys.  See instructions here!

    Just when we thought our day was about to finish, two Pittsburgh police officers from Zone 3 next door stopped by to say hello to the kids and to check out what we were up to!  After showing them around, we cleaned up and headed off to dinner!  

    A big take away from the day was how reading to the boys was a great way to settle them down after playing outside for 15 minutes.  It can be difficult to get them into a calmer state after running around, but the ninja stories and ninja craft worked wonders!  Good tips as the year goes on!

- Steven

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