Thursday, October 15, 2015

Volcanoes and Circuits

 For my science class we did another experiment with baking soda. This time we added color dye and watched how it reacted as we each got a chance to pour in vinegar. The plan was to do this messy experiment outside, but due to rain we found a way to keep it clean inside using a plastic bowl to contain the reaction.

Each cup had a different color dye and we got to watch them fizz over and see what color they turned out to be!  To make your own, you can check out more directions here.

For Mr. Steven's class the Hilltop YMCA brought in a Little Bits kit to teach the kids about making and using circuits. The kids were able to design their own circuits and to create projects which used them.

The kids had a lot of fun making flashlights and buzzers with the kits and seeing how all of the parts function and work together.

The kids worked in groups to build working objects using their own circuits. They were able to make running cars they designed themselves!

The kids loved being able to create and build on their own and we can't wait to do more of it!


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