Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Tips for any Great Adventure

This week with venture outdoors we all learned some very important rules to any outdoor trip:
  1. Know Before you Go- this rule taught us to check the weather before going on any trip and preparing properly. 

To practice this rule we all did a clothing relay and each team had to grab an item of clothing to prepare their hiker for the proper weather.

The kids raced to the clothes pile to get ready for rain, snow and sun. The kids had a blast and ended up with some pretty hilarious outfits.

After our game we moved on to focus on some of the other rules.
    2. Trash your Trash- make sure you are not littering and throw your trash away
    3. Leave no Trace- leave nothing behind (trash or any other items)

We took the kids on a hike up to Grandview Park to demonstrate the meaning behind the rules. When we all found spots in the grass we were able to see any trash the people before us had left.

The kids were able to discuss why it was important to keep the outdoors clean and to take care of the environment. This was the first of many adventures to come with Venture Outdoors!


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