Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Brashear Teens: Hilltop Introduction

Hey guys! My name is Danyelle and I am a Youth Engagement Specialist. Basically, that means I work with pre-teens and teens for the Brashear Association. I’m here to introduce our new program, Brashear teens to our blog readers.

Brashear Teens is an after-school program for pre-teens and teens on the Hilltop at the Hilltop YMCA, 500 Brownsville Rd. BT meets once a week to engage in recreational activities and explore community resources and opportunities in collaboration with JFCS and the Hilltop YMCA. 

BT provides a safe, effective space for teens to learn and grow through STEAM, cultural awareness, and community involvement. Plans include guest speakers from various neighborhood businesses and professionals, as well as recreational and exploration opportunities varying on a weekly/biweekly basis and evolving organically with the group's interests.

We had our first event at the Hilltop YMCA center. Students from Brashear & Carrick High Schools joined us for game night. Teens enjoyed playing classics such as Twister, Jenga, and Life while making new friends.

In addition, Bishnu (JFCS) brought everyone samosas to try. Samosas are a traditional Nepali food consisting of potatoes and spices inside a crispy fried dough. They were a big hit!

We are looking forward to sharing more about Brashear Teens in the furture! 


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