Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Fun!!

We put the new chalkboard wall to good use by asking the kids to write or draw their costumes for our upcoming trick or treating trip. There were so many great answers and the kids loved getting to draw them out!
A special thank you to our neighbor friends at Black Forge Coffee House for donating our chalkboard paint!

Wednesday after school we all got into our costumes and got on the bus to Duquesne University. The school put on Terror in the Towers and we got a chance to go through the different floors of the dorm building which had been decorated for Halloween. The students passed out candy at their rooms and had a really great time with the kids. At the end we all met up for snacks in the lobby and some fun Halloween crafts.

It was a really fun day for everyone and so much candy! Thanks Duquesne!




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