Friday, October 30, 2015

Brashear Teens: Pumpkin Popcorn Balls!

Hey guys! It's Danyelle again over at the Hilltop. What better way to celebrate Halloween than to make one of our favorite treats, popcorn balls!  (Check out the quick and easy instructions here!) Our teens really enjoyed getting in touch with their inner chef, taking risks, and working together to create some tasty treats.

We used a basic crisp rice bar recipe, but converted the recipe to make individual portions and used popcorn instead. It was quite a messy experience as the marshmallows and butter were really gooey, but everyone enjoyed helping each other using math to add the right amounts of ingredients and spraying each others' hands with cooking spray so the balls didn't stick.

The orange 'pumpkins' quickly became experiments in color blending as the kids wanted to explore different colors to identify their treats as their own. We learned that no matter what color the balls ended up becoming, making popcorn them was a fun and tasty activity that they would readily do again! 
Join us next week on Wednesday at 4 pm for Unique YOU!, a name-based activity that combines art, creativity, and self-exploration to share ourselves with each other and the world. See you there!


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