Saturday, August 15, 2015

Saturday Crocheting

Since Miss Mackenize's Saturday culture club had ended, our education coordinator asked if I would like to teach the last Saturday program of the summer.  I said sure! I decided to teach a lesson in crocheting.  I love to crochet.

My mom taught me to crochet when I was in middle school and it has been a lot of fun learning new stitches and trying new projects over the years.  I've made scarves, hats, headbands and even blankets.  I hope one day to make a sweater!  Only about 4 kids came to crocheting class (3 of which were boys), which was good because I was the only teacher there who knew how to crochet.

Any time you're learning something new, you have to start with the basics.  First, I showed the kids how to tie a slip knot.  Second, I showed them how to hook the knot onto the crochet hook.  Third, I showed the kids how to hold the hook and the string.  Fourth, I showed them how to chain stitch.  This is where the struggle began.  The kids were having trouble holding the string and hook while trying to chain stitch because of their little hands and chain stitches can be tricky.  So we came up with an easier solution of having the kids hold the hook between their knees and using their fingers to guide the hook through the stitches.  After the kids sort of got the hang of chain stitching, we moved on to the next row and used a single stitch.

There was some frustration and some of the kids wanted to give up because they couldn't get the hang of it right away, but they kept trying on trying and found it got easier! All of the kids were able to get 3 rows done during our hour-long class!

I was impressed that the boys enjoyed learning how to crochet and that all the kids kept up their good work!

- Jen

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