Thursday, August 13, 2015

Goodbye from Sebastian

It’s time to say goodbye to one of the most rewarding summers of my life. Here at ALEC, I’ve made great relationships with youth and coworkers alike. I started the summer coming from AmeriCorps and the Hilltop YMCA, not really knowing what to expect, but ready for anything. What I found was a cool space with motivated teachers. I’ve learned a lot about connecting with kids and being a positive role model.

The kids were rowdy at first, as all kids are at the start of summer, but as we got to know each other camp began to run smoothly. I used my past experience as a camp counselor to introduce games and help run activities outside. Of course, I try to act a little goofy when I play games, especially when it comes to the cowboy game.
A child approaches me, slowly, but smiling, “You’re weird, but in a good way.”
“Thanks H.”

 After Tech Camp I was no longer in charge of lessons, allowing me to participate in the kids’ activities a little more. It’s cool to be working with someone and have them suddenly ramble on about their life, telling you random facts and stories about themselves, completely unrelated to the topic at hand. It’s also fun when you’re the one that’s distracted.

But after countless hours playing (and beating you kids at) 4 square, soccer, catch, moss, tips, and potato ball, I have to say good-bye and I wish you all the best in your future lives, or as we say in the wild west, later partners!

- Sebastian 

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