Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Waste Management Madness!

Sadly, our Maker Camp was only a two week process and ended so quickly! The kids had a great time work and creating so many new things. And on our last day Mr. Anthony thought it would be great for the kids to see the end results to what they have been working on all summer. COMPOSTING! We spent out last day discussing how much we waste and where we can reuse or recycle things instead of throwing them into a landfill.

The kids were separated into four different groups and were told to create something that can either be reused, composted, recycled, or trashed. It was a great way for everyone to see, first hand, how we can reuse, recycle, or compost an item instead of throwing it in the trash. So much reusable stuff is thrown in landfills every year and this lesson proved how much we don't have to waste.

After our lesson, everyone from ALEC took a walk over to the brand new coffee shop called Black Forge Coffee to check out the space. Everyone at Black Forge was so gracious and welcoming to the kids. They showed the kids around and even gave us some coffee grounds for us to use in our own compost over here at ALEC.

Once back at ALEC everyone joined together to help move the compost around our newly done garden beds. This year ALEC will be growing a variety of fruits and vegetables along with some fresh herbs. Taking the compost from Black Forge and combining it with our was an awesome and inexpensive use of fertilizing the soil. It was great to have the kids help with the process, so that they can see how they can grow their own healthy foods.  

- Mackenzie

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