Monday, July 20, 2015

Easy Floating Crate Shelves DIY

When we moved into our new space we had to get a little creative with our storage options since we were moving from a 1 room learning center, with offices and an art closet off site, to combining the learning center and offices with the addition of not only a second classroom but also an outdoor classroom. 

We are pretty fortunate to have an awesome and creative landlord here at Allentown Learning and Engagement Center.  Joe and the RE360 team were so helpful every step of the way and worked long hours to make this new space a reality for the Brashear Association.  When I approached Joe about possibly using some old wooden crates that were left in the building for a project he said "Go for it!" 
So we did!

We had a great blank canvas above our demo kitchen and it need something. So we mounted those old wooden crates to the wall and created a simple floating crate storage option.

I jet sprayed the crates down (they were pretty dusty) and hammered and repaired any loose nails and boards in place.  I purchased large D-Rings from Lowe's.  D-rings may more commonly be used for hanging artwork but this seemed to do the trick since I did not want to see hardware, only floating crates.

We are really pleased with how it turned out. It has been extremely functional for us and handy to have many of our supplies quickly at hand. We used wall anchors and screws to mount them to the wall. I am not sure how much weight they can hold so we have chosen to keep it simple and light and with nothing too heavy like stacks of dishes.  

We have had very positive feedback on our hanging crates. The crates have been a fun conversation piece when guests come into the 2nd classroom. We really liked how they turned out.

We are thankful to Joe of RE360 for letting me loose with creative freedom to utilize left behind materials and make a functional space for our staff and students to experiment with healthy foods in the kitchen.


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