Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Whole New World: Hiking Through Grandview Park

On July 15th, we went for a walk through the woods. It was a nice day, and we were excited to go on an adventure with Venture Outdoors to Grandview Park.

The path was steep, a little muddy, and a little bug infested.

While some complained, many conquered their fears, braving heights and spiders.

We learned about the flaura and fauna of the area, plants and bugs. Some of these topics were met with wonder, others, disgust. We learned about jewelweed and how they look shiny when water is poured on them. We learned about daddy-longlegs, and that, after a short debate, they are in fact insects, not arachnids.  We also learned about the human impact on our forests, noting trash and other evidence of human activity, and the importance of keeping our parks and forests clean.

As we left the hiking trail, many were happy to be out and free from mosquitoes. However, not all were discouraged from reentering the forest. A few of our kids were excited to tell us that they would be bringing their friends up to the Grandview forest as soon as they could.

- Sebastian 

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