Friday, July 17, 2015

Culture Club - Mexico

At our ALEC location, I was asked to take some time and teach on a subject of my interest.  Two Saturdays ago I taught a Culture Club meeting about France and this past Saturday we discussed … MEXICO ! I have studied for Spanish now for almost two years and this past spring was finally able to visit Mexico City. While in Mexico a few years ago, I learned quite a bit about traditional music and I even bought a flag.

We discussed basic understanding about Mexican; such as tacos and hot temperatures throughout the year. From my travels around Mexico, I was able to show the kids various foods and monuments that the never expected to see in Mexico. The kids were shocked to hear and learn about the chili covered foods and the Mexican style of music. Luckly, I was able to bring in some examples for the kids to listen and try !

We began our day by taste testing three different chili covered chips called takis. I thought it would be fun for the kids to taste some of the many flavors of Mexico. At the local grocery store Las Palmas, I was able to find takis, flan (Mexican desert), and both Jamaica and Horchata mixes (Mexican sweet drinks). Because the takis kicked a little spicy heat, the kids were excited to try the Jamaica juice drink.

With the kids, I wanted to bring some traditional Mexican culture straight to them. A traditional decoration seen at many fiestas is a pinata. Though I contemplated bring in a large pinata for the kids to enjoy, I instead decided to make "mini pinatas".  All you need is some tissue paper, paper cups, hot glue, and of course some CANDY! The kids learned the colors and meaning behind the Mexican flag, so we thought it was fun to decorate the mini pinatas with the same colors.



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