Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Fostering Vision into Art

"There is no depth to education without Art." - Amiri Baraka 

This month the students at ALEC will be learning about still life drawings and the important process of drafting, planning, and adding dimension to their work. As some of you may know, ALEC offers a summer camp for students interested in attending CAPA or really fine tuning their exposure and skill set to the arts.

Students had the opportunity to gather simple objects and arrange their own still life set.

For some students, this will be their first time learning how to plan out a composition and learn to draw from observation, for others, this will be a continuation of content they have learned in previous years. I am anticipating a lot of initial frustration with learning a new concept, but, I have complete faith in our ALEC youth to be open to learning and rise above their challenges.

Here are a few images from our 2nd-5th graders:

As we continue our lessons, the students will soon learn that there is no progress without frustration, determination and patience. I am excited to post the progress of these blossoming ALEC artists.

Keep an eye out!

Ms. Christa

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