Friday, June 22, 2018

Summer Camp at ALEC Series 1: CAPA Boot Camp

Summer camps at ALEC are off to a great start. We have just completed week one of two of Art Camp aka CAPA Boot Camp. Students who are interested in applying to CAPA are being vigorously trained on observational drawing, value studies, the color wheel,self portraits, sculpture, perspective, landscape and still life drawings.

Our participating youth have a variety of skill levels consisting of beginner, moderate and advanced. Not only is everyone learning very valuable art concepts, they're also learning about time management, self-challenging, productivity and perseverance.


Wednesday's lesson included a value study, the students drew grids in their sketchbooks and studied value fractions to create different levels from darkest black to pure white (yes, there's math involved with art and painting).

Thursday we finished up some very detailed self portraits applying our new skills of observation and value with graphite on bristol paper. 

Everyone did an awesome job on their portraits. It was certainly a rigorous process and challenging, considering it was only a 3 hour drawing (1.5 hr/Wednesday and Thursday). 

We hope to foster these young artists and give them a voice, representation and the skills they may not have the opportunity to learn otherwise. 

We highly anticipate awesome results for week two. Stay Tuned!

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