Friday, June 29, 2018

Mr. Neal's Final Day!

Goodbye Mr. Neal!

Wow, it sure has been a quick year. I can't believe that the summer is here already, and that my KEYS AmeriCorps year has come to an end. I have had a blast with our Brashear Kids and staff, and will miss every moment at ALEC dearly.
While I am sad to leave, I will always remember the memories I made at Brashear:

- Starting Project Hand

A team installs the first sign to reduce litter in Allentown!
When Miss Maggie tasked me with creating an activity to create a service project, I was pretty nervous. But when I introduced Project HAND to the youth, they ate it up. They came up with ideas to improve Allentown and eventually came up with the plan to install trash cans and signs to reduce litter. In the mean time, we applied for and received a Remake Learning microgrant for Project HAND! Stay tuned to see what become of this Brashear Kid-led project!

- Dude Time 

Whether playing capture the flag, holding sprinting races at A Giving Heart, or playing my dreaded team-building games, I always had a blast hanging out with the Brashear Dudes. We had so many laughs and learned a lot about each other, that was a lot of fun!
Cayden runs through an obstacle course at A Giving Heart

CJ and Mr. Neal being silly at the park

Ethan and Mr. Neal making faces 
at each other, like always :P

- Super Smash Bros. 

When I introduced this Wii game to the Brashear Kids, I didn't realize it would take off as much as it did. Soon after, every Tech Time consisted of battling with Nintendo characters to promote friendly competition and fun. Everyone got really good at this game and looked forward to playing it!

- Everything else

Unfortunately, I don't have the time or space to cover all of my favorite memories at Brashear, but that doesn't mean they aren't close to my heart! Every person and activity was very special to me, whether day-to-day tasks or special events.

To my Brashear Kids: y'all are incredible. Even when I nagged you to follow rules and finish your homework, I was constantly impressed with who you are and what you will become. I enjoyed the little moments of Brashear, such as chatting at dinner, playing games, spelling word races, and being plain silly, because you are simply fun to be around. I know that you will kill it these next few years at Brashear and at middle school: I'm so excited to come back and see what you have been working on!

To my Brashear team: thank you so much for everything. Each of you is a powerhouse of love and care for our students; something that goes so far in their lives. I loved working with each of you and have learned so many things, in times and places I never expected! I can't wait to see what you and the rest of the Brashear Kids achieve in the coming years.

If there is any picture to remember Mr. Neal and Miss Christa by, it's this one :)
Expect visits for Super Smash Bros. and games from Mr. Neal soon ;)
Until then, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
Mr. Neal

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