Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Winter is Cooking!

Now that everyone is settled into the beginning of the next semester. Cooking Club has resumed for ALEC.   We currently participate in two special interests groups; one at Grandview Elementary and the other at Arlington K-8. ALEC is a proud representative of the Brashear Association's diverse interest groups around our community. Our students are such an important part of our community and it is an honor to be a part of their development and exposure to new things, or revisiting something that maybe they already knew but never thought to try.

One of our main focal points in our cooking lessons is making sure the students are learning something new to try with their families, as well those new things being healthy but satisfying; which also focuses our staff to really be creative with our ingredient choices. A way that we navigate those waters, as they can be delicate with 2nd-5th graders, is by asking about their favorite "fruit" or "vegetable" and going from there.

This month we made guacamole! It's such a quick and easy sauce to make that can be used as a dip  or even a spread for your favorite sandwich or wrap.

The general consensus from the students had been very enthusiastic, especially those who were a little nervous about trying it for the first time!

One of our main focuses is introducing the youth to healthy but yummy ingredients that they may or may not be regularly introduced to on a typical basis. Our favorite students are the ones who are apprehensive to try something new, most of the time the students are happy they learned about it, even if they may not necessarily enjoy the actual recipe.

We encourage and teach constructive feedback to our youth, as we want them to learn the art of constructive criticism and realizing there's more than one way to make something and encourage their creativity to maybe tackle a few of our recipes at home and come up with something of their own!

We love our community and we love our youth!

As always, thanks for letting us continue to work with all of you.


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