Friday, August 18, 2017

Reinventing the Classroom (Brashear Addition)

              It's a rainy and dreary day here at Brashear (ALEC), what do we do at Brashear on a rainy day you may ask? We rearrange our learning space, of course! At Brashear, we want to do whatever it takes, to provide an individual with the best, and most purposeful experience as possible. As our youth learn and grow, we, as teachers learn and grow.

             After studying our learning space, we saw opportunities for our space to change, in ways that would benefit our wide variety of learning styles. We believe that by tweaking just a few things within our learning space, we will be able to cater better to our youth in the Fall.

           Classroom layout has proven to be very crucial in the learning development of students. A learning space is also important for the teacher. The teacher should be able to cater to each and every individual student, holistically, while teaching a group-oriented lesson.

           Once all of the appropriate tables are set-up for the Fall, they will be situated in such a way, that students can collaborate, listen, watch, and feel connected to each lesson. The idea, is for these tables to be set-up in a U-shaped kind of way. This would also enable the teacher to literally step in the middle of the youth, while teaching. This would ultimately allow for teachers to connect better with youth, and be able to walk-around the room, instead of remaining stationary.

                         We are very excited to see how this impacts our learning this school year!!

1 comment:

  1. I agree with you about changing seating arrangments in class instead of cramping all the seats in one place. It may help to decrease suffocation and provide a clear mind to students.



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