Tuesday, August 8, 2017

In the Garden

                 It is the last week of Summer Camp, and things are beginning to wind down. There are lots of cool things going on this week, as we wrap-up a fun-filled summer. We kicked-off this week learning about the various parts of a plant. What cycles a plant goes through, what makes a plant grow, etc. We took this simple idea, and turned it into our own little gardens (taking cut-off milk cartons and filling them with soil and seeds). We also had the opportunity to make-up our own plants; they could be made up of anything we wanted them to be. Some of us used seeds that looked like eyeballs, or plants that grew actual money, etc.

                The underlying theme of this entire summer, has truly been to take care of our planet. With this is in mind, everything that we have done has been with recycled materials. This simple idea enables the youth to truly see what can be done with "garbage".

                We had a very special guest with us this week, someone who will be with us for the remainder of the week, Ms. Maggie's Mom. We have had a very enjoyable time learning from Ms.
Sandy, as she has illustrated a children's book, on the various types of plants in a garden.

               We kicked-off today, by learning about the water-cycle. We played a game that showed us how the water cycles works, using buckets of water (clouds) and cups (water molecules). We turned this into a fun race, to see who could get all of the water from their team's bucket, into the buckets the quickest.

                To wrap-up the water cycle, we made our own flowers out of plastic water bottles. These water bottles were cut-up by each of us, to resemble a flower.

We are very excited to see that the rest of the week has in store for us!! We will be in touch!                   



  1. Teaching the next generation everything there is to know about the environment and the planet we live on is such a great way to combat climate change. I only wish we it was as easy to teach adults too.

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