Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Photography Walk with Ryan Hagerty

Hey bloggers! Do you remember our last visit with Mr. Haggerty, our friend from Work Hard PGH who came to teach us some history in Allentown through a photographic lens? Well, he came back to continue our foray into photography and put our recently learned map skills to use.

On this sunny day in the Hilltop, we broke off into groups and got to exploring a bit of the past. Each of our groups was tasked with comparing historic photographs in the neighborhood to the current day, and recreating the moment in time! Some were more challenging than others, but it was a great exercise in exploring a new artistic medium, learning navigational skills and local history!

Check out some pictures of our adventure below:

We are thrilled with the pictures our talented students took, and look forward to displaying them in our upcoming art show! Thank you, Mr. Haggerty. 

Keep exploring, 


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