Monday, May 1, 2017

Grandview Cooking Club

One suggestion we've consistently heard from elementary students in our Grandview cooking club is...pasta!  This month we decided to do a zucchini farfalle pasta salad using our generous weekly produce donation from 412 Food Rescue.  We love the opportunity to present youth with fresh veggies and demonstrating the different ways it can be prepared.  Check out our recipe below.

Before the students arrived, we began the process of boiling our water on the hot plate.  While the water was boiling and pasta was cooking, Ms. Maggie started to prepare the veggies.  After discussing knife safety and demonstrating how to properly utilize a knife, the students were allowed to give it a try.  The students who weren't assisting in cutting veggies got a chance to smell the thyme and red wine vinegar before using it in their cooking.

We enjoy seeing them learn new skills; especially those that involve cooking as they can use these skills well into adulthood.  They did a great job!

After preparing veggies it was time to make our vinaigrette.  Students followed the recipe and were given the chance to measure the ingredients themselves.  Then it was mixed up and poured over our yummy veggies.

The veggie and vinaigrette mixture was poured over and mixed with our farfalle pasta.  Did you know "farfalla" translates to "butterfly" in Italian?  Makes sense; since this type of pasta looks like little butterflies!  Now onto the best part, eating!

We enjoyed joining our students on the journey to connecting to food.  Stay tuned for our final Grandview cooking club of the school year this month.

Put Good in!
- Anna

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