Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Exploring Bugs with the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Ms. Laura from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh paid us a super cool visit!  We talked about BUGS!  Did you know the Pennsylvania state insect is the firefly?

She brought many cool picture books for us to discover; from butterflies to spiders.  The students listened intently and amazed at the colorful pictures.

After we discussed different bugs Ms. Laura let us pass around bugs encased in acrylic and glass.  The students were excited (and some scared) to see the bugs right in their hands!  Everyone took turns examining the bugs with magnifying glasses. Some students surprised us with their already vast surplus of knowledge about insects and arachnids, such as pointing out that the Praying Mantis is protected by law from endangerment!

Some of us even discovered what it was like to see as a bug!

After examining bugs, Ms. Laura had more fun activities!  The students crafted their own bugs from popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners while playing bug-themed games.  Brashear Kids love to get crafty and discover new things!

Thanks very "moth" for checking out our adventures with The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh!  Stay tuned for great summer blogs!

"BEE" Yourself! 
- Anna

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