Monday, February 27, 2017

Strong Women Strong Girls

We are delighted to have Strong Women, Strong Girls back with us at ALEC after the winter break! The mission of Strong Women, Strong Girls is as follows: "Strong Women, Strong Girls empowers girls to imagine a broader future through a curriculum grounded on female role models delivered by college women mentors, who are themselves mentored by professional women".  We appreciate the strength they bring to our space!

First, we went around the tables to discuss our "roses and thorns" of the day.  This is a great, laid-back ice breaker at the start of our lessons.  Next, we took turns reading about Hannah Brancato; a strong woman who designs memorial quilts to show how we can care for others.

After our reading, we discussed ideas of what is important to each of us and how to show respect for others.  Everyone designed their own piece of our paper "quilt" to piece together at the end.  It was wonderful to see the girls in our program depict issues that are important to them and the discussions sparked during this lesson.

Check out our finished project below!

Stay tuned for more adventures with Strong Women, Strong Girls!


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