Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Let Freedom Ring

Martin Luther King Jr. was integral in the fight against inequality in America.  Dr. King's nonviolent resistance regarded him as one of our world's greatest leaders.  Here at ALEC, civic engagement is a key component in learning.  Brashear Kids learn how they can make a difference in their community and the world at large.  Last week we honored Dr. King's legacy by discussing the movement he bravely led, listened to his "I have a dream" speech, and discussed the dreams we have for the future.

After watching Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I have a dream speech", students were asked to trace their hand, cut it out, and write their dream on the paper.  Dreams ranged from "I want kids to have fresh food" to "I want to be President some day".  We were inspired and delighted that students shared their dreams with us.

Honoring Martin Luther King's legacy continued Saturday, 01/14/17, with clay crafts and a writing prompt.  Sevon enjoyed hanging out with us and discussing what this holiday means to him!

Left: Sevon creates a peaceful symbol out of clay.  Right: Sevon writes his own dream (to help people) & how he will make it come true (become a scientist).

In service,

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