Wednesday, December 7, 2016

In a Maze of Marbles!

Ms. Laura from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh stopped by ALEC for another adventure in reading!  The students joyfully listened to Ms. Laura read "Snappsy the Alligator" and "Are We There Yet?".  

After our reading, the students were instructed to design their own marble maze and were each given a marble from Ms. Laura.  They enjoyed designing, but were even more excited to give them a try!

Check out these finished marble mazes below!

Clockwise from left: CJ, Hezekiah, and Edwin display their finished marble mazes.

Check out these videos below of the mazes in action from our YouTube channel!

We hope you've enjoyed our adventure in reading with the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Mt. Washington!  Check back with us in the future for more happenings in reading!

- Anna

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