Monday, December 12, 2016

Finding Shelter in Nature with Venture Outdoors

One of the things students enjoy most about Venture Outdoors is the opportunity to learn a new skill.  In this post, Brashear Kids built their own mini shelters!  This provided a great opportunity to emphasize our policy of "leave no trace" and to appreciate our Earth's natural materials.

First, Brashear Kids formed groups and began the search for shelter materials in Grandview Park.  As always, our students become abuzz at the chance to run around the park! 

Clockwise from left: Kiyanah marvels at a maple leaf; Jay searches for sticks; Shane collects branches.

After natural materials were collected, it was time to begin construction.  It was great to see tactics Brashear Kids used to hold their shelter materials together.  

From left: Erin & ElayJaih attempt to fasten their shelter into the ground; Shane & Kiyanah create a flag post; Azare & Damari utilize a tree as support.

Finally, the time came to reveal each group's shelter.  We commend our students for their great effort and creativity in this venture!  Check out our finished projects below...

A  huge thank you to Venture Outdoors for another great adventure in exploring Pittsburgh's natural beauty.

- Anna

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