Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Conductors & Insulators in Ms. Anna's Classroom

Over the past couple weeks, Brashear Kids and the YMCA Hilltop have been learning about conducting electricity.  More specifically, conductors and insulators!  Conductors are materials that electricity passes through with ease.  Insulators could be considered to be the opposite- electricity cannot pass through as easily.

During our first lesson, Mr. Eamon from the YMCA introduced conductors and insulators through a game of hangman.

Above right: Kiyanah enjoyed solving the hangman puzzle!

Students then tested materials found throughout the classroom to discover which were conductors and which were insulators.  Items ranged from lead pencils, pennies, paper, a pine cone from Ms. Anna's desk, paper clips, and more.  Students enjoyed testing these different materials then using them to make music (see video below from our YouTube channel)!

Above: Edwin and ElayJaih conduct music.

In our next lesson, Mr. Eamon then presented his own fitness monitor.  The students were excited to try it out!  The students were then encouraged to begin thinking about what their own fitness monitors would look like.

Left: Jeffrey triumphantly conquers the fitness monitor.  Above right: Shane gives the fitness monitor a try.

Our third lesson centered on student creation.  The students were asked to form groups in order to discuss and collaborate on their own fitness monitors.  Up-cycled materials were utilized, emphasizing the importance of reuse and recycle here at ALEC!

In the video below, Keliyah and Krystal demonstrate their fitness monitor.  We can't wait to hook all the monitors up to a computer next week and give them a try!

Stay tuned for more adventures in STEAM!


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