Thursday, October 20, 2016

Open up and Observe- Venture Outdoors October!

Open your eyes and open the front door! There's a whole world out there to discover. There is so much evidence out there that a very unique and imperative kind of learning occurs when a young mind is outside, immersed in nature. In this busy life, surrounded by concrete landscapes, such learning can easily be lost. This is why we are so grateful to the wonderful folks from Venture Outdoors. They provide critically enriching programming for us in areas where these gaps may occur.

What would you wear in a desert? A tundra? The arctic? A swamp or a mountain? You never know what the world outside of the city will bring, be it rewards or challenges. In this game, we imagined ourselves as explorers dressing for different terrains and environments. Four teams chose a model in each round to run to the pile of clothes in the middle and select weather-appropriate clothing. It was a very insightful exercise and the kids taught us a lot, too!

 Sometimes, just getting out into our neighborhood and looking at it from a new lens is all we need. That hill to your school? It's a 'hike'. The various flora growing in the city? An opportunity to  learn about different vegetation. And of course...

Spending time outdoors together fosters growth, friendship and camaraderie!

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