Friday, October 21, 2016

Brashear Girls Bring the Show!

Our seasoned readers are well aware of our wonderful Wednesday programming, but for our new followers- Strong Women Strong Girls is an organization out of Boston and Pittsburgh that seeks to match girls with strong women role models. In doing so, they give young girls the opportunity to take pride in themselves and each other- as well as have clear representation of women mentors in college. The Point Park University students visit us at ALEC once a week on Wednesdays. 

This week was especially special. We focused a light on social injustice through fostering a discussion with our youth, but not before they showed us their incredible dance moves. 

Our girls love meeting with the Strong Women leaders, especially when they challenge them to talk about their potential. This week our youth were asked, what do you want to do when you're older? And- do you believe you have the tools right now, today, to make it there?

The girls read about a powerful woman each week, this week's choice being Emma Watson. Watson is a great role model as she has been heavily involved in discourse around women's rights as of late, specifically the "He for She" campaign. This exercise also has a fun spin on it, as each time the words "she" or "girl" appear in the reading, the girls scream with all their might. Talk about power-building!

While a certain type of magic emanates from the space created by Strong Women Strong Girls, the leaders bring a challenging curriculum and ask the tough questions. As they say, there will be roses, and there will be thorns. This week they brought to the table the issues of social injustices, a highly integral and relevant issue to our youth's lives. The topics of inequality regarding one's gender, race and class were hashed out through a play recital. The girls split off into two groups and designed a play around these issues. We came together to preform them as a group.

Each session ends with the trademark chant, and then the we thank each other for our hard work. Now get out there, and take a stand!

In strength,


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