Monday, October 31, 2016

GEOCACHING with Venture Outdoors!

Calling all explorers, adventure seekers and puzzle solvers... follow our journey from Venture Outdoors this past week!

Our friends from VO know how to keep our outdoor learning experiences in key with current technology, an important aspect of our youth's lives. They need to be exposed to progressions that are being made throughout their education in order to stay synchronized with our ever-adapting world. What better way to teach than to combine GPS tracking technology with the great outdoors? We set up the lesson plan in Grandview Park, with several 'caches' to discover.

What is "geocaching" you ask? Why, lets get started! Geocaching is described as 'the world's largest treasure hunt', where people skillfully hide items of a wide variety in strategic ways, and then place to coordinates on the website and mobile geocaching app. This is such a wonderful and invigorating way to combine technology, our environments, and fostering a sense of connectivity with others. The growing trend inspired VO to create a kid-friendly version in our local park.

And who doesn't love a good scavenger hunt?

The view from this lookout point in Grandview Park is worth the hike, trust us!

Here we have an enthusiastic group of youngsters hot on the trail to discover their first geocache

They found it, using GPS coordinates and a compass! Can you believe it? 

This team of darlings were just so thrilled at every discovery they made, and had a great time learning how to use these different forms of tech- all while being outdoors!

We hope you DO try this at home! 

Happy adventures,


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